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About Lifequote

We help advisers grow their business by reducing the time, hassle and risk in selling protection - fast forwarding every stage of the journey. Our tech helps you sell, with administration support to skip the admin.

our purpose: to take away the barriers to protection advice

Our purpose as a business is to take away the barriers to recommending and selling protection, so no-one is left financially vulnerable from the death of a loved one or ill health.

We’ve been offering protection quoting and administration services since 1991, with the belief that protection should be as simple as possible, for advisers and their clients.

Too many people in the UK lack the insurance they need to protect them from devastating life events. We provide systems and services to help advisers make the most of their protection leads and ensure more people are protected.

Our values


We always act with integrity and honesty to make sure we do the right thing for advisers and their clients.


We have a history of developing tech to make protection easier to sell: we were first to launch multi-benefit quotes in 2006.


We build trust with advisers and their clients through responsible actions and honest relationships.

Go the extra mile

We’re committed to doing more than is required. We aim to be trusted partner, consistently exceeding expectations, every time.

Why choose Lifequote?

Let us show you the Commercial Benefits

Use our Protection Revenue Opportunity (PRO) tool to show you how much more money you can earn when using LifeQuote Administration