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Aviva simplifies Critical Illness Cover

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Aviva simplifies Critical Illness Cover

From 23rd August Aviva are improving their Critical Illness+ and Life Insurance+ with critical illness cover for new business – making it simpler for both advisers and clients to understand.

Please see Aviva’s update below.

Some protection people just get. Like our simpler take on comprehensive critical illness cover.

There are some types of protection most people wouldn’t go without. We believe critical illness cover should be one of them. That’s why we have made our cover simpler so it’s easier for your customer to see they’ll be protected from head to toe.

Improvements to our cover:

  • We are merging and simplifying our definitions whilst maintaining or increasing the scope of our critical illness cover.
  • We’re extending our standard and upgraded children’s benefit to include children under legal guardianship.
  • We are extending the Life Change Benefit feature available on Life Insurance+ and Critical Illness+ to include a new rental option.

Improvements to our documents:

We’re improving our documents to give customers and advisers clear understanding of the cover available and when it pays out. With grouped critical illness definitions in policy documents and one new Guide to Protection+ for customers. We’re also streamlining our adviser support materials to support holistic protection conversations.

Find out more about these improvements here

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Available via LifeQuote Portal

Aviva’s new Critical Illness Cover is available to you via the LifeQuote Portal. The changes can be seen on our Insurer Comparison and Critical Illness Comparison charts. Click here to get started.

For further information please contact the Sales Support team on 01243 791199.

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