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Digital improvements to help accelerate your protection sales

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Digital improvements to help accelerate your protection sales
We are pleased to announce a number of exciting digital enhancements at LifeQuote, designed to manage your cases more effectively and get them on risk faster. These changes are part of our ongoing commitment to help advisers reduce the time, hassle and risk of selling protection.

Summary of the changes

New customer relationship management (CRM) system

We’ve made significant investment into a new CRM platform to improve data integration – reducing the time and effort of completing time-consuming tasks during underwriting. This means we can now automate routine activities, such as confirmations and policy start dates, freeing up our Case Managers to focus on communicating with you and your clients, and proactively manage your pipeline. Advisers using the LifeQuote Administration service save, on average, three valuable hours for every case that goes on risk. This time saving frees advisers to have more effective mortgage and protection conversations.

Improvements to case tracking

Advisers using LifeQuote Administration are updated on the status of their pipeline through our case tracking system. We’ve made a number of improvements, including more immediate updates on the status of your cases and more comprehensive notes on the history of your client applications. 

The improvements mean the system will look a bit different to what you’re used to, and we’ve provided an overview below.

Faster quotes via our quote engine

We’ve improved our quote engine at the LifeQuote Platform, to improve capacity and consistently generate quotes faster, making it quicker and easier for advisers to get a quote.

Case tracking improvements: outstanding activities

Our case tracking system is completely unique in the market. It covers all your cases, across all insurers – all in one place. We’ve made some changes to include more immediate updates on the status of your cases and more comprehensive notes on the history of your client applications:

The LifeQuote platform signposts the next items to be chased by your Case Manager, such as chasing a medical or start date. These now appear under a new ‘activities’ tab, providing a quick and easy overview on the status of your cases.

The activities are categorised by current activities and completed activities. This improvement removes the need for you to chase your Case Manager on an update on outstanding activities. Here’s an example of what the outstanding activities improvements look like:

Case tracking improvements: a simpler, more comprehensive view on the history of your cases

The platform includes previously completed actions, which can now be found under a new ‘history’ tab.

This improvement offers a simple and more comprehensive view of the actions completed to date.

The improvements look like the following:

Minor disruption as we roll out the new systems

Our new CRM and enhanced case tracking improvements will make our service even more effective for you and your business, saving you time and effort, compared to managing quotes and applications across different systems and insurer websites.

As with any new service, we may encounter some minor issues as we roll out the changes – but we are working hard to reduce any disruption to you. If there is any disruption, we will advise you immediately. You can contact your Case Manager for an update on your pipeline as usual.

Please contact your Case Manager if you have any questions about these improvements.