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Integration Options

Prefer using iPipeline or Iress as your quote portal? No problem, we can still deliver the admin seamlessly.

Our flexible approach to taking away the hassle of protection admin

We know every adviser is different and existing systems can be difficult to change. So if iPipeline or Iress are already embedded in your advice processes for portal quotes, you can still use our LifeQuote Administration with a click of a button.

Once you’ve finished your protection quotes in either of these systems you can quickly and easily send the case to us to get it on risk. All the data will be sent through to us, so you can concentrate on giving advice and not on doing admin.

Our integration partners include


Once you have sourced your quote click the LifeQuote option when applying, this directs you to our bespoke telephone application booking system.


Once you’ve sourced your quote through SolutionBuilder click the ‘Hand-off apply to LifeQuote’ option from the apply menu and you’ll be directed to our bespoke telephone application booking system.