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LifeQuote case tracking

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LifeQuote case tracking
LifeQuote provides the only end-to-end protection sales support service for advisers in the market. Our LifeQuote Administration service saves an adviser, on average, three hours for every case processed by us – freeing them to meet and advise more clients.

The only platform for all your pipeline cases – across all insurers

Advisers using LifeQuote Administration benefit from outsourced end-to-end case management. We make administering protection as easy as possible, managing the full application: we complete the client’s application, submit it to the insurer, chase GPs for cases needing medical underwriting and deal with underwriters until the policy is ready to go on risk.

Keeping advisers up to date with real-time case tracking

Advisers using our admin service are kept up to date throughout the journey via their dedicated case manager, as well as our case tracking system.

The system is completely unique in the market – covering all cases, across all insurers – all in one place. Advisers can access the case tracking system 24/7 for ease and convenience, in addition to receiving emails once there’s an update on a case – such as us receiving an outstanding GP report. Our case tracking covers all insurers, saving advisers a lot of time and effort, compared to managing quotes and applications across different systems and provider websites.

LifeQuote case tracking also includes secure document storage for application forms, terms and quotes, providing a one-stop shop to help advisers identify opportunities for improvement and manage business and conversation rates.

Dedicated case management

Advisers using LifeQuote Administration are given a dedicated case manager, whose focus is getting a client’s policy on risk, as quickly as possible. They are an adviser’s single point of contact for all of their protection cases, creating better efficiencies to help intermediaries grow their protection business.

Advisers can continue to monitor a client’s cases once they’re on risk, via our management information at the LifeQuote Platform. Our early warning helps identify policies at risk of lapsing – we can even liaise on an adviser’s behalf to reinstate the case. This results in better persistency and a better outcome for everyone: clients continue to be insured and advisers avoid commission clawback.

Contact our team to find out more

To find out more about LifeQuote and how we can accelerate your protection sales journey, contact our friendly team.