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Decision in Principle

Decision in Principle tool

Understand pre-sales outcomes to help you apply with confidence

Save time and better manage
your client’s expectations

Let our Decision in Principle tool do your pre-sales research and find out about ratings or exclusions in one place, saving you time and effort compared to liaising with insurers

Complete just one online form covering your client’s medical, lifestyle and financial information, that’s sent to all insurers at the click of a button.

No hidden surprises

Our tool will flag any likely insurer exclusions that’ll prevent your client being offered cover immediately, helping ensure there are no hidden surprises, fewer abandoned or declined applications and increases the likelihood of a successful claim.

Find out whether any ratings or exclusions are likely to be applied without completing a full application or liaising with individual insurers. Pre-sales indications help ensure the most appropriate product is recommended, giving you peace of mind you’ve given the best advice.

Pre-sales enquiries are investigated by an underwriter at the insurer (not automated) with the majority of results sent back within 48 hours, helping
ensure your research is timely, diligent and that you provide good advice.

Included as standard with your LifeQuote Platform access – no other platform offers pre-underwriting decisions across all mainstream protection insurers.

Understanding pre-sales outcomes reduces the need for multi-apps and protection apathy, making clients more likely to take out their policy, helping you earn more commission

Included as standard with your LifeQuote Platform subscription

Complete an online form with your client’s medical information

Send to all insurers for assessment

Receive an indication of acceptance (usually within 48 hours)

Recommend with increased confidence