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By Lifequote

Compare protection products and insurers quickly and conveniently, helping you offer holistic advice

Compare products beyond price

Accessed through the LifeQuote platform, SmartCompare provides a fact-based matrix of information to help you easily, quickly and conveniently compare different protection products during the research stage – helping you offer more holistic advice.

Our product comparison service covers: term, critical & serious illness, income protection, family income benefit and whole of life products.

The downloadable reports can be used to support policy justification and can be integrated into your compliance processes. This also covers you for any compliance spot checks.

Recommending a product based on individual circumstances helps remove the risk of buyer’s remorse and clients cancelling their policy (especially within the first 30 days) – reducing the risk of commission clawback. Simple and intuitive to use, SmartCompare displays results in a way that’s easy to understand and share with clients.

A more comprehensive insurance broker software comparison service compared to others in the market, covering all mainstream products and insurers.

How Does it work?

Choose products

Choose insurers

Compare features

Compare premiums

Download client report