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Save three hours for every protection case administered by us

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Save three hours for every protection case administered by us
LifeQuote provides the only end-to-end protection sales support service for advisers in the market. 
We specialise in helping you get your protection cases on risk, by reducing the time, hassle and risk of administering protection sales.



Save three hours for every protection case administered by LifeQuote

We do everything needed to get your client’s policy on risk: we complete the application, submit it to the insurer, chase outstanding underwriting requirements (such as GP reports) and even issue acceptance terms. LifeQuote Administration saves advisers, on average, three hours per case (it’s even more with complicated cases or menu applications). 

We complete and submit your client’s application, freeing you from the risk of non-disclosure

Our 30+ years’ experience means we can confidently increase the likelihood application questions are captured accurately, ensuring your client’s policy pays out when it matters. All tele-interviewers undergo specific training, ensuring the correct questions are answered, removing the risk of over disclosure – helping get your policies on risk faster.

Better persistency to reduce your risk of commission clawback

We liaise with insurers to provide an early warning system and technology to get lapsed policies back on the books, reducing your risk of commission clawback. Getting policies back on the books quicker also reduces the risk of clients being uninsured and unable to claim in the future, helping ensure better customer outcomes.

VIP service with a number of insurers, helping get your cases on
risk faster 

Due to our size and scale, we have special arrangements with a number of insurers, resulting in VIP servicing and preferential case management. This means we can help get your cases that require manual underwriting on risk quicker, resulting in your client being covered faster and your commission paid sooner.

Your one-stop shop for enhanced MI and updates on all your cases

You can view all your cases administered by us – pre and post submission, across all clients and insurers, saving you time and effort compared to logging into various insurer systems. You’ll also be given a dedicated Case Manager, who will understand you and your clients, creating better efficiencies to help you grow your protection business.

We have an established heritage in helping advisers like you grow their protection business

We know it’s a risk handing over your clients to someone else. We’ve been administering advisers’  protection cases for over 30 years – helping more than
1 million clients and their families over this time, which should give you confidence we’ll do the right thing for you and your clients.

Contact our sales team to find out how we can help you accelerate your protection sales. We look forward to hearing from you.